Our best home teeth whitening kits

Welcome to Think Bizzle and Smile introducing our teeth whitening gel

We at Think Bizzle and Smile proudly manufacture and supply teeth whitening gel worldwide. We have years of experience in teeth whitening, with a forged partnership with the very best USA dental labs that manufacture teeth whitening gel on our behalf.

Our teeth whitening gel contains the same ingredients used by dentist that offers safe and effective teeth whitening, which can be administered at home. Our teeth whitening gel has been perfected over the years to give the very best results at home, some of our clients have achieved beyond 8 shades whiter with our gels. These products can be used as a perfect refill option if you already have trays, or can be ordered in bulk if you are a teeth whitening technician.

Think Bizzle and Smile teeth whitening gel contains high quality ingredients, which produces a viscose compound that adheres to the surface of the tooth, to gently remove stubborn surface stains such as tea, red wine and stained deposits such as plaque. Our kits also remove some of the more difficult internal or intrinsic stains by oxidisation, and bleaching the stained internal structure of the tooth safely. Our formula is the very same used by and distributed by dentist worldwide. Think Bizzle and Smile care about what goes into your mouth and so should you. Depending on the level of staining you can achieve noticeable results in as little as 3 days with our teeth whitening gel.

  • Accelerated premium whitening gel
  • Choices of 10% or 22% carbamide peroxide gels
  • Professional dental quality formula
  • 10cc (10ml) custom syringes
  • Up to 10 shades whiter
  • International shipping
  • Manufactured in the USA

Think Bizzle and Smile can help you achieve the perfected smile at an accelerated rate, get the smile you have always wanted with our dental grade teeth whitening gel, we have various options to suit your individual needs.